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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Young Superman in other Media.

Article by Rennie Cowan

Who were the youing Supermans (or Superboys) that exhibited Superman's great super-abilities at the movie theater before and after Superboy: The TV Series? Well, they didn't necessarily wear the costume, and they weren't called Superboy either, but they were memorable: Jeff East, Aaron Smolinski, Stephen Bender and many more played toddler and adolescent Boy of Steels. The latest push by Warner Brothers for a new Superman franchise with The Man of Steel movie to be released in 2013 has two new young Supermen: Cooper Timberline (Clark Kent at age 9) and Dylan Sprayberry (Clark Kent at age 13). It is worth mentioning that John Rockwell played Superboy/Clark Kent on the black and white 1961 Superboy TV Pilot.

The first obvious pick is Jeff East from Superman: The Movie. And being that Superman: The Movie is now a well-remembered classic, East's performance as young Clark Kent has been seen in theaters around the world, many times over. He never wore the suit but he exhibited super-strength, raced a train, waved to a child Lois Lane and kicked a football into outer-space. His voice was dubbed over with Christopher Reeve's voice, but the finished product left a mark on the Superman universe. The finished product was filled with wonderful music by John Williams and special effects that depicted outstanding realism. You will believe a man can fly. We have yet to see a good comparison or rival to Superman: The Movie.

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