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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Article by Rennie Cowan

Young Justice is a covert operation team that takes place on Earth-16 (an alternate Earth reality) with Batman overseeing the young heroes at Mount Justice. Produced for Cartoon Network, this series combines some the best writing with some of the best animation seen on TV. The main characters of the series are all young teenagers, some of them sidekicks but they certinaly hold their own. And they hate being called "sidekicks". Superboy appears in the first two episodes, which is a two-parter, as a clone in Cadmus labs. He is released from a pod by Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash. They convince him to be his own man rather than a slave to Cadmus. Interestingly enough, Cadmus Labs first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 in 1970 and by the hands of Jack Kirby.

This Superboy does not follow the timeline of any of the current DC comic book releases. This Superboy is a clone of Superman, but he is somewhat incomplete.His powers have limits and he lacks some of the same super strengths as Superman. For instance he can only leap tall buildings at a single bound rather than fly. Sometimes depicted as an angry teenager who wants to be like Superman, Superboy has used his super powers in rage against the enemy. Superboy does not wear the classic Superman suit, much in tune with the Conner Kent of the current DC comics line. He wears a black T-Shirt with a red "S" on it and blue jeans or military pants. His motto is: "No capes, no tights, no offense."

There are six main characters on Young Justice: Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Artemis and finally, Superboy. Superboy is voiced by Nolan North who also voices other characters on the series. Young Justice has an official tie-in comic book and Mattel plans to release a line of action figues and playsets based the series.The fifth episode of the series titled "Schooled" is being hailed as the best so far, even with its' short run. This episode pays homage to a scene from Superman: The Movie. When a bus is about to go off the edge of a huge bridge, Superman picks it up and flies it back down to safety. Of course, Superboy is behind the bus pulling it up. You can watch the scene and episode below.

DC is released a Young Justice toyline. View photos of the toys below:

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