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Thursday, August 20, 2015

What ever happened to Andy McAllister?

Andy McAlister played Clark Kent's roomate in season two of Superboy the TV Series. The actor for the role was IIan Mitchell-Smith who starred in the 1980's classic "Weird Science" the motion picture. Andy became the comic relief for the show. By the third season, he had left the series but appeared as a cameo appearance in the season 3 episode "Special Effects". After his short cameo in season 3, Andy McAlister never returned to the series again. Below is a funny clip of Clark and Andy going clubbing in a season 2 episode:

In real life (and with much nobility), IIan Mitchell-Smith, the actor, gave up his acting career to become a University Professor shortly after his cameo in season 3. He realized that he really wanted to work in Academia so he pursued a PHD in Medieval Studies to become a college professor. He has taught History at Texas A&M University and English at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas where he continues to teach. He doesn't like students taking his picture and if anyone wants an autograph then that can only be done on the first day of class. After that, no autographs. He is married to Susannah Demaree and has two children, a boy named Asher and a daughter named Eloise. Who would of thought that the college slacker Andy McAlister was really that smart? But, apparently - IIan Mitchell-Smith the actor was that smart.

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