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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stacy Haiduk interview - Spotlight on Stacy Haiduk (1990).

Behind The Camera (small magazine column). A spotlight on Stacy Haiduk. 1990.


Stacy says: "I'm a Tomboy".

She's been almost the only constant on a decently rated TV series now in its third season. Stacy Haiduk, who plays the ravishing Lana Lang on 'Superboy' (now called 'The Adventures of Superboy'), has remained through two Clark Kent/Superboys, four co-stars, and two Lex Luthors. Indeed , it seems Miss Haiduk may lead a charmed actress' life. Enjoy these excerpts from several interviews with Stacy:

On her audition for the role of Lana Lang: "I auditioned for Lynn Stalmaster. Ilya Salkind and Bob Simmonds and one of the writers were there. I didn't know who Ilya or Alexander Salkind were! I think that made it easier to go into the audition."

On a disappointing call-back audition: "I thought they were just using me to test for Superboy and that they had found another Lana Lang. I remember going home and crying after the testing. When they told me I had the part, I found out it was the way they wanted Lana, but they had to look for a Superboy who was tall enough!"

On her unusual hobby of...boxing?: "I thought it would interesting, because I'm a tomboy. I do all these guy's sport type of things. I enjoy the exhilarating feeling you get with punching people!"

On previous 'modelling' and past credits: I don't like to talk about it much. I did it for the money. I did some catalogue work, but I never really cared for modelling. It's boring."

On her striking white/blue eyes: "I've gotten asked if they're contacts. Eveery audition I've been to I've been asked that. The blue really stands out on film. They are the highlight of my body or my face. I would never give them up for anything!"

On a typical day of shooting: "We start out at 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning with hair and make-up. There's a lot of sitting around because they've got to set up the cameras and the scene. It goes from sometimes 5:30 in the morning to 8:00 or 9:00 at night."

On Lana Lang's changing character: "How many times can Lana get kidnapped or thrown off a helicopter or pushed off a train? Now I think Lana is much stronger, and very smart. She knows what she wants and when she goes after something, she goes after it."

On an early episode directed by Superman film veteran Jackie Cooper. "I do not care for Jackie Cooper. Whether saying this is going to get to me in the long run...he was one of those directors that would tell you what to do. I don't like it when a director doesn't work with you, but works at you. I remember one time we were doing a take and he yelled at me because I wasn't doing a line the 'right' way. It's very nerve-wracking when you've got a director who yells on the set all of the time."

On a falling scene done with wires and a backdrop: "I was up on these wires twirling around for 45 minutes, going around and around...I got sick. I got down and I didn't know which way was up or which was was down. I just wanted to sleep. I remember we had to do two more takes after that on those wires and I was just whoah!"

On fan letters: "I get some weird ones. One I got recently was from somebody who was imprisoned for life in Texas. I guess it whould be kind of scary, but it really made my day to hear from somebody in prison who was watching the show and writing. One letter was so hilarious. It just kept going on and on with 'you're voluptuous, you're beautiful, your eyes are gorgeous.' That was the whole thing. Every adjective you could imagine in a two-page letter."

On sexuality in future roles: "I have a body, and it's sometimes very hard not to get typecast into using my body. I get a lot of role offers which say 'This has nudity and it is a lead part.' It's kind of nerve-wracking. I don't want to be known as doing sex films. I want to be known as an actress."

On whether or not Clark Kent could keep his secret from Lana: "With a pair of glasses? Are you kidding me? I put on a pair, is somebody not going to call me Stacy? I think in time, she's really going to figure out who he is."

Stacy is, by the way, dreading the release of 'Luthor the Geek', a direct-to-video slasher film which featured her at 18, in a nude shower sequence (referred to above). She is not, however, dreading the release of her first feature film, 'Steel & Lace', coming soon. This new horror film is from Charles Fries Entertainment (which brought us the live-action Spider-man TV show). It is a Bride of frankenstein remake, starring Stacy as an investigator into a series of vengeful murders, committed by a re-animated female cyborg. Advance word is good.

Meanwhile, Superboy has added two new regular cast members: Robert Levin plays C. Dennis Jackson, the head of the Bureau for Extranormal Matters, while Peter Fernandez plays Matt Ritter, one of the men who works there. Both are assisting Clark Kent and Lana Lang, two interns at the Bureau. Upcoming guest-stars include rock star Greg Allman as a villiain, the wrestler Lex Luger, and a mysterious tall leather-clad blonde who plays Neila, an embittered Amazon. The show's 13 new episodes are filmed more at night, and showcase more adult themes. (hmmm, do we detect a trend?)

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