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Thursday, August 20, 2015

John Newton Saves!

Faster than a speeding bullet, TV’s Superboy fearlessly cornered a real-life mugger in New York City and quickly recovered the victim’s $100.

Actor John Haymes Newton wasn’t wearing his character’s cape, but he didn’t hesitate when he saw a man grab the money Barry’s [real identity of the Victim kept secret] pocket on a busy Manhattan street. He took off and chased the fleeing mugger on foot.

Newton, who starred in Levi’s jeans commercials before he was chosen to play the Boy of Steel in a new syndicated series, is a muscular six foot former bodyguard for such celebrities as Equalizer Edward Woodward and actress Melanie Griffith. The Victim [name kept secret] and an executive director of a medical research firm in Atlanta, Georgia, didn’t even realize he was being mugged before Newton was in hot pursuit of the assailant.

The Victim told the GLOBE: “I was waiting to cross the street when somebody clipped me behind the knees. I thought it was an old New York buddy playing a trick.” The mugger grabbed $100 from his pocket and ran.

“I was on my knees and I turned and saw this young guy with a knapsack, running after the mugger, so I joined in,” he explains.

“It seemed like we ran for miles, but this young man had powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He was stronger than a locomotive.”

“Finally I turned a corner and the guy with the knapsack was standing in front of a construction site. He said: “I got him cornered in a building.”

“The frightened mugger emerged and returned the money before he dashed off and disappeared into a crowd of curious onlookers. I guess he’d gotten his wind back,” the Victim says. “No cops were around, and couldn’t just hold him.”

Then the young hero revealed his identity. “I play Superboy on television.” He confessed. The Victim, who had watched one episode on television with his six-year –old daughter, was dubious until he noticed the telltale curl of black hair in the middle of Newton’s forehead.

That’s what gave it away and made me think it was really him,” the Victim says. “He was very shy; very unimposing. In fact he was just like you’d think the young Clark would be. I was completely taken aback by his quiet personal charm. He wouldn’t even accept a cup of coffee as a thank you.”


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