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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

David Nutter: The Definitive Superboy TV Series Director

Article by Rennie Cowan

Director David Nutter: Superboy TV Series Director

David Nutter is primarily a televison director, and is most known for directing television Pilots. If you recognize his name, then you are about to find out why. David Nutter was the director of 21 episodes of the Superboy TV Series. He also, coincidently, directed both the aired and unaired "Smallville" TV Pilots (NOTE: The only difference between the two "Smallville" Pilots is that the scenes with the original Martha Kent were re-shot with Annette O'Toole instead of Cynthia Ettinger). Nutter not only got the popular "Smallville" series off the ground, but his vision produced many memorable Superboy episodes, including "Young Dracula" and "Mindscape". He also had the pleasure of directing both John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher as he worked on every season.

As director of 21 episodes of the Superboy TV Series, that almost adds up to one full season of the Superboy TV show. Though the episodes he did direct were kind of sporadic through the series he directed "The Phantom of the Third Division" (1989), "Hollywood" (1989), "Succubus" (1989), "Luthor Unleashed" (1989), "With This Ring, I Thee Kill" (1989), "Young Dracula" (1989), "Nightmare Island" (1989), "The Battle with Bizarro" (1989), "Programmed for Death" (1989), "Nick Knack" (1990), "The Haunting of Andy McAlister" (1990), "Johnny Casanova and Case of the Secret Serum" (1990), "Mindscape" (1990), "A Day in the Double Life" (1991), "The Road to Hell" Part 1 (1991), "The Road to Hell" Part 2 (1991), "A Change of Heart" Part 1 (1991), "A Change of Heart" Part 2 (1991), "Paranoia" (1991), "Threesome" Part 1 (1992) and "Threesome" Part 2 (1992).

Who can deny he has a vision when it comes to The Boy of Steel? He directed 21 episodes of Superboy as well the series TV Pilot for "Smallville". Today, Nutter has become kind of the definitive TV Pilot director. He has directed the Pilots for "Roswell", "Dark Angel", "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "The Mentalist" to name only a few (and the TV Pilot for the highly successful "Supernatural"). So he is certainly known for directing Pilot episodes of successful TV shows. What does this mean for the Superboy TV Series? Well, it means the show had a great director on board and the Salkinds had good taste in choosing directors.

Article by Rennie Cowan

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