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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SUPERMAN: THE SECRET YEARS (when DC first sent Clark to college).

Article by Rennie Cowan

What is Superman: The Secret Years? It is the first DC comic book to depict Clark Kent in college. Young Clark was 21 years old and he was still called Superboy. Ma and Pa Kent had passed away. Perry White was a reporter for the Daily Planet. This was the time of Clark Kent's college days at Metropolis University. It wasn't often that DC ventured to explore Clark's life after High School and just before the Daily Planet, but on occasion, an "untold story" would fill the last three or four pages of a Superman mag, and on occasion, they would revolve around Kent's college days. Those days have been traditionally called The Secret Years (or the inbetween-years), the focus of Bob Rozakis' 4-issue limited series that was published in 1984. It was perhaps the focal inspiration for the popular 'Superboy' TV show, except that by Clark's second year at MU Lana Lang had transfered to Hudson Universtiy, leaving Clark with a rasically roomate (Ducky) much the same as Andy McAllister . Yet, we get to see Superboy up against his arch-enemy Lex Luthor, with the same kind of humor we would expect from Sherman Howard (the Lex Luthor of the 'Superboy' show). And by the 4th issue, Superboy has made the final decision to become Superman and gets hired at the Daily Planet, the first step to the life of the legend. Read about all four issues by clicking on the photo covers and enjoy--emerging into the story that started it all!

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