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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kevin Kiner - The Music Composer for Superboy: The TV Series

Article by Rennie Cowan

Kevin Kiner was the composure, the writer, and the performer for all the music heard in 'Superboy' the TV Series. He was literally a one-man-show and the only one solely responsible for the main title score and all the individual music pieces for each episode. The music was arranged on synthesizers and performed from his own private studio. The series wouldn't have been the same without his music--it really had a special kind of energy to it; the musical scores were sometimes so powerful it would literally tell you how to feel. He just didn't arrange background music, he also gave central and guest-starring characters their own unique scores. Bizarro, for instance, had his own little theme. So did Lex Luthor. The audience would always know who was about to appear by the music alone. Kevin is now composing music for the popular animated cartoon 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'.

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