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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scott Wells as young Lex Luthor - Season One.

Scott James Wells is the actor who played Lex Luthor on Season One of the Superboy TV Series. During season one, he looked the same age as Superboy until he was replaced by Sherman Howard, a much older actor. The story of the show to explain an older Luthor was that Lex changed his face with plastic surgery to look like Mr. Eckworth, a weapons billionare mogul. As a consequence he was much older. Lex Luthor appeared in only 4 episodes of the first season.

Below is a clip of Wells' appearance in the episode "The Fixer" (The Trailer):

In the early days of the Superboy TV Series, Lana and Lex were actually on speaking terms and went out on a date. Much in tune with the current "Smallville" series, Lex was less evil and more human. Below, watch the clip of Lana and Lex on a date:

Wells gave an exceptional performance as the young college student Lex Luthor, more in touch with the current "Smallville" series than the later seasons of the Superboy TV Series. Out of the four episodes that Scott Wells appeared in, the most memorable episode is the last of the season. It is called "Luthor Unleashed". In fact, "Luthor Unleashed" is said to be Scott Wells' best performance of his four episode appearances by most fans. In this episode, Lex finally lost his hair due to a lab accident in which Superboy blew the fumes past him (on accident), making Lex's hair fall out. Later during the episode, Lex entertains a collection of wigs and gets a new weapon to harm Superboy with. Below, watch the clip where Superboy unintentionally makes Lex Luthor bald:

Though Superboy was trying to save Lex's life in the lab accident, Lex blamed it on him anyway. The story is very faithful to the original DC comic books storyline that explained why Luthor hated Superboy (and Superman). It was Superboy who had made Lex Luthor bald.

Below is a clip of the classic scene where Lex Luthor discovers he's bald by Superboy's doing:

Lex never forgave the Boy of Steel. After season one of Superboy, Wells more or less stopped acting. He appeared in one film and did work as a stand-in. Other than that, he is known only for playing the infamous Lex Luthor during season one of Superboy, the TV series.

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