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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Skye Aubrey - Tiger Eye

Article by Rennie Cowan

Certain actors would reappear on the Superboy TV Series for several reasons, and sometimes as different characters. An actor would dress differently, change the hair perhaps, Not too many people noticed. Smallville has also done this trick before. In this case, Skye Aubrey played two different characters in two guest-starring roles. Skye Aubrey is an American actress who is the daughter of a former MGM President, James T. Aubrey (now deceased) and Phyllis Thaxter who played Ma Kent in Superman: The Movie. Skye Aubrey appeared in season one and two of Superboy the TV Series.

In season one, Skye was a woman from the future who lived in a world full of mutant humans. In season two, she was a villain of dark magic called Tiger Eye.

In the photo above is Ilya Salkind and Skye Aubrey on the set of Superboy, the TV Series (season one). This is from the episode "Mutant".

Superboy is highly vunerable to two things: Kryptonite and Magic.Tiger Eye did what any other villain in the Superboy TV Series universe would do, and that is kidnap Lana Lang to get to Superboy. While using magic, she convinced Superboy to do her bidding. Below watch the trailer for the second season episode "A Woman Called Tiger Eye".

For some trivia, Skye Aubrey was also married to Ilya Salkind for eight years, the Executive Producer of the Superboy TV Series (seasons 1-4). They have two children, Sebastian and Anastasia. Sebastian Salkind is a graduate of Florida's Full Sail film school, and is a filmmaker, actor and muscian.

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