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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Darla: tracy Roberts

Darla was one of the most interesting characters on the Superboy TV Series. Played by the talented Tracy Lynn Roberts (Tracy Lewis), she was Lex Luthor's companion and partner in crime during seasons 2, 3 and 4 of the series. For the most part, she stayed out of the limelight during the second season, merely posing as a supporting cast member for Sherman Howard. However, by season 3 her charactter was really coming into her own. And eventually, Darla was going up against Superboy, toe to toe, and showing herself to be a dangerous foe. Especially when she kindnapped Lana Lang in the episodes "Roads Not Taken" part 1 and 2. Below, view Tracy's updated actress reel edited by the webmaster of Superboy Theater:

Eventually, by season 4, Darla was in a league of her own in the episode "Darla Goes Ballistic". Below, watch one of the best scenes from this episode (and Darla using her powers):

Darla's first appearance on the Superboy series as a strip club dancer.... Tracy credits Sherman Howard for helping to push her character into the limelight as she told me in her interivew that he wrote the screenplay "Darla Goes Ballistic" specifically for her character. Sherman stated: "They don't see what I see and you really deserve to be showcased". To Sherman's credit, any fan would agree.

(Above) Gerard Christopher holds up Tracy Roberts (Tracy lewis) with one hand in the 3rd season episodes "Body Swap". Comparing Darla to other incarnations of Lex's other "girls" (like Kitty in "Superman Returns") it is clear that Darla is more than just a random Lex-Girl. Lex Luthor was entertaining enough, however, when Darla got her moments on the show, she always managed to break the glass and dazzle the fans.

Tracy Lynn Roberts (Tracy Lewis) aka Darla today. It is true that fans of the series go on to say that the Darla/Lex relationship was far more cunning than any other female sideckick Lex Luthor had been known to have in the past, including Mrs. Tessmacher (Superman I and II) and Kitty from Superman Returns . It has even been said that there was little, if no friction or drama in the romance between Lex and his other girls in other Superman incarnations. But not when it came to Darla and Lex, it was the most difficult romance and the Superboy TV series pulled it off (or rather, Tracy and her talent made it very believable). The audience truly believed that Darla loved this crazy, and psychotic, evil Lex Luthor.

Darla pulls up in a fast, hip car to pick up the electrified Lex Luthor, in the season 2 episode: "Lex Luthor, Sentenced to Death"! Below, watch Darla vs. Lana, the ultimate girl-fight on Superboy the TV Series:

Today, Tracy is alive and well, married with two daughters (one daughter named Ashley and a younger named Falon who is in a band). Her older daughter Ashley used to hang out on the Superboy set with her Mom. Her younger daughter Falon is preparing to attend college in New York. Tracy is also a recent grandmother and goes by the name of Tracy Lewis ever since she got married.

(Above) Tracy's daughter Ashley in the middle of Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang) and Gerard Christopher (Superboy). Tracy has also decided to revive her acting career as she made the decision previously to put acting on hiatus so she could raise her daughters. She did a film this year with the use of a green screen which she hadn't done since her time on Superboy. She also did work for DC Lottery where she appears on buses that drive by in Washington, DC. Darla, Lex Luthor's right arm who stood toe to toe with the most powerful boy on Earth, Superboy, will always be remembered as a very gritty and tough girl on the Superboy TV series.

(Above) Tracy Lynn Roberts (Tracy Lewis) uses her mind-powers to cook dinner in "Darla Goes Ballistic"...and to the tune of "I Dream of Genie" which was actually her own idea. This is an authentic Tracy Roberts autograph for the webmaster of Superboy Theater.

(Above) Another authentic Tracy Roberts autograph to the webmaster of Superboy Theater. Darla said, "All I ever wanted was a little respect." Below, Kaman Stowell of the Superman Vidcast interviews Tracy Roberts for his show! He offers some very good insight into the Darla character.

(Below) The authentic white suit that Tracy Roberts wore during the episode "Darla Goes Ballistic". This was the only piece of wardrobe Tracy was allowed to keep as a memoir of her role.

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