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Thursday, August 20, 2015

21-Year Old Gerard Christopher (Jerry Dinome) stops a Jewel Thief in New York (1980) according to one article.

Sarasota Herald Tribune, August 8th, 1980.


NEW YORK (AP) - The bravery of young actor who stopped a thief from stealing a woman's gold necklace was recognized Thursday as he was honored by the New York Visitor's Bureau.

But Jerry DiNome, 21, of Manhattan, says what he did last Monday was simply his "obligation, not a heroic feat."

DiNome, who scheduled to debut in the soap opera "One Life to Live" when the actor's strike ends, was presented with a $200 savings bond, a pictorial book about New York and a "Big Apple" lapel pin for what city officials called his "bravery and civic responsibility."

Preston Robert Tisch, chairman of the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau, said DiNome was "the epitome of the Big Apple spirit." DiNome, the ninth of twelve children, was more modest.

"It was an automoble response," he said. "I knew a crime was occuring and my instincts said just to get him."
,br> DiNome was passing the Rosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue during rush hour when he saw a man snatch a gold chain from a woman. DiNome chased the thief, tackled him and returned the necklace.

Below is an alternate article:

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