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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Superboy Theater Show - Episodes

Visit the Superboy Theater Youtube Channel to watch the shows and many, many more fun clips on the series!

Episode 1: The webmaster meets up with Stacy Haiduk in Pasadena.

Episode 2: The webmaster takes you thourgh the office of Ilya Salkind and interviews Ilya Salkind's assistant, Leo Coehn.

Episode 3: Ilya Salkind talks about Superman IV.

Episode 4: Ilya Salkind on Frank Langella and Richard Lester's Superman III Circus Act.

Episode 5: Ilya Salkind discusses casting Sherman Howard as Lex Luthor.

Episode 6: Ilya Salkind discusses casting IIan Mitchell-Smith and talks about the Superboy season one episode "Hollywood".

Episode 7: How to watch SMALLVILLE in 3D.

Episode 8: Tracy Roberts performs Darla at Superman Celebration 2011.

Episode 9: Inside the Superman Museum with Tracy Roberts.

Episode 10 (part 1), part 2, part 3: Q&A with Tracy Roberts and Mark Pillow.

Episode 11: Interview with Superboy TV series actor Jeffrey Breslauer.

Episode 12: Meet the Superman Statue in Metropolis, IL.

Episode 13: Ilya Salkind and Marlon Brando's wand.

Episode 14: John Schneider meets Ilya Salkind.

Episode 15: Moments of the Superboy TV Series (season one) cast reunion, 2012.

Episode 16: Jim Calvert and the Spanish Superboy comic book!

Episode 17: Ilya Salkind authenticates Superman: The Movie props plus Superboy stars!

Episode 18: Ilya Salkind talks Superboy costume and he finally meets a new friend, the authentic General Zod doll! Special appearance by websmaster Rennie Cowan.

Episode 19 - Moments with Stacy Haiduk at the Hollywood Show, 2012.

Episode 20 - In over 20 years, this is the first time that Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiduk have seen one another! The Stacy / Gerard Superboy cast reunion at The Hollywood Show 2012! Special appearances with Rennie Cowan and Ric Alfonso.

Episode 21: Ilan Mitchell-Smith signs Superboy items for the Webmaster of Superboy Theater at the Chiller Theater Expo 2013!

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