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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jim Calvert played TJ White on Superboy, the TV Series.

Article by Rennie Cowan

Ever wonder if there was a connection between the Daily Planet and Superboy, the TV Series? There was, and his name was TJ White. TJ was Perry White's young son on Superboy, the TV Series. TJ was, coincidently, a photographer. This may have been an attempt to fill the boots of Jimmy Olsen, and it worked well. Both TJ and Clark worked for the college paper which was called The Shuster Herald. TJ's full name was Terrence Jenkins White III (the third). The actor who portrayed TJ actually invented the name of his own character. Years later he told the webmaster, "I didn['t realize it back then, but now I see that being TJ the third would have been impossible because his Father's name was Perry!" He didn't realize it, and nobody else did either. The actor who played TJ White was an unknown named Jim Calvert and now he is forever immortalized in Superman history. TJ also appeared in the short run Superboy the TV Series comic book.

Below, watch a clip of Jim Calvert with a Spanish Superboy comic book at the 2012 Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Book convention (Calvert's first convention appearance):

Below are photos of Jim Calvert from the 2012 Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Book Convention. The bottom photo (starting from the left) is John Haymes Newton, Ilya Salkind and Jim Calvert:

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