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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Entertainment Weekly blurb about Gerard Christopher as a writer - 1991

Entertainment Weekly article by Ken Tucker, April 26th, 1991.


Gerard Christopher adds scriptwriting to his resumé -- Superboy enters the realm of monks, Satan, terrorist attacks, and Armageddon.

Things are getting heavy over at The Adventures of Superboy. These amusing tales of Superman when he was a hunky teenager have proven a syndication success story; now in its third season, the show stars Gerard Christopher, who this week has flexed his creative muscles by writing the script. It's a mind-blowing doozy: Superboy meets an advocate for the homeless (Robert Miano) and agrees to sign his petition, which includes the assertion that ''all homeless people have the right to food, shelter, and legal assistance'' (hmmm — The Adventures of Supersocialist?). But it's a dastardly hoax: The advocate is actually an evil medieval monk whose soul is owned by Satan, and he has tricked Superboy into signing a contract with the Devil — the same one, the villain remarks, that ''Hitler, Lee Harvey Oswald, and John Wilkes Booth...all signed'' (though presumably not in that order). Superboy is bound by this contract to plant a bomb in the hotel room of the unnamed Soviet president visiting the U.S. The idea is that, when the Soviet leader is assassinated, ''it'll be Armageddon'' and ''it will all be over'' — ''it'' being the world, if not the series run of Superboy. I don't even have room to tell you about the psychic who works as a roofer or Superboy's meeting with the unnamed American President, who's a JFK look-alike.

Satan? Armageddon? Roofers? Remember when the worst thing Superboy had to worry about was kryptonite?

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