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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Superboy - The Comic Book

Article by Rennie Cowan

In Febuarary of 1989, only one year after 'Superboy: The TV series' hit the airwaves 'Superboy: The Comic Book' hit the newstands. It would be based entirely on the TV show, but would tackle all-new adventures. Its' intent:was to explore some of the unseen tales and events that a 26 half-hour episode a year could not do. It would answer vital questions about the show as well, like what was the first day at Shuster University like for Clark Kent and Lana? (Or, what happened to T.J. White after his dismiss for the second season?).

Like the TV show, 'Superboy: The Comic Book' would fill in gaps and portray Superboy in such a way that would fit in with the Superman Mythos as suggested by the Superman movie producers (Alexander and Ilya Salkind). After the first 10 issues the title to the comic book was changed to "The Adventures of Superboy" to reflect the change of the title for the TV show as well (from "Superboy" to "The Adventures of Superboy".

Above: authentic Gerard Christopher signed issue #9 of Superboy: The Comic Book.

However, just like the TV program, 'Superboy: The Comic Book' did not coincide with the current Superman titles, nor did it follow the storyline in the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. It had its own origin, so one must suspend a different belief in order to enjoy the TV series as a whole or its' comic book brother. Surely, this is no chore.

'Superboy: The Comic Book' endured publication for two years, had an excellent writing staff (like Mike Carline, the Editor of the comic book) and fantastic artwork by DC comics, and eventually found its end in 1992 when the TV show wrapped. The Superboy Special was released two weeks after the final episode of the series aired ("Rites of Passage" Part II). So if you were lucky enough to witness the TV show during its' airing back in 1988-1992, or you are a newcomer to the series, then you'll love 'Superboy: The Comic Book'!

Below are all 23 front covers of all 23 issues ever released by DC comics. The last issue isn't numbered but it is a "goodbye" issue titled "Superboy Special" as mentioned above. The webmaster herself actually had a letter published in one of these issues (issue #15 to be exact) so she was a current, month to month reader.



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