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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Superboy Documentary



An all new feature length documentary about the Superboy TV Series (later dubbed The Adventures of Superboy) with cast and crew interviews is now in production! The film will take you on a journey with interviews, never-before-seen additions such as screentests and behind-the-scenes photos. Created, Produced/Exec Produced and Directed by Rennie Cowan, the Webmaster of Superboy Theater, this documentary will surely thrill any Superman (or Superboy) fan.

Rennie will accept contributors if you think you have something to share that will benefit the project, especially if you believe it has never been seen before. Proper credit will be given. More news to come! Until then, enjoy some clips below. These clips are not edited in their final format for the film, but is just a taste of the footage that will be used the documentary.

The Superboy TV series is a part of the Superman legacy. Thanks in advance for your support.

Cast and Crew list:

(To be announced)

For questions or contributors, please contact:

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